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Don’t lose confidence in your floor yet, let us reestablish it and save you money from changing it! Our hard floor cleaning service in Colombo is fit for hardwood, slate and stone, and vinyl types of flooring. You can get it on the weekends and bank holidays.

  • The floor service comes with a number of profits, some of them are
  • Usage of natural ingredients including citrus and pine oils
  • Prochem industry leader’s equipment
  • Working with pet- and child-friendly solutions

Note: The service is not charged by the hour but depending on the floor type and size of the area which requires treatment

Clean and well-maintained hard floors look fashionable and stylish. They are very hard tiring, which is why they are mutual in homes, shops, and office buildings.

Whether wood, vinyl, or stone floors they all need regular conservation in order to keep their pristine appearance for as long as possible.

Our floor cleaning services in Colombo are available to residential and commercial premises on a one off or regular basis. Book our accomplished and specialized floor cleaners to respire new life into your floors and you’ll be certain perfect looking hard floors every time!

Our knowledgeable floor cleaners have many years in the industry and can undertake a wide range of floor cleaning jobs. No matter how bespoke your necessities are, we can offeran ideal solution.

Some of the floor cleaning services

  • Domestic floor cleaning
  • Commercial floors
  • Hard floor buffing and polishing
  • Marble, hardwood, tile vinyl, raised access flooring.
  • Floor maintenance
  • Floor scrubbing
  • Floor polishing
  • Floor waxing
  • Floor sweep, mop and many more

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